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A new magazine from artists who inspire courage, uplift humanity, and increase love in the world

We are a monthly publication providing access to inspiring stories of suffering, healing, and overcoming. These stories are written by artists, musicians, filmmakers, architects, writers, fashion designers, and other creative geniuses.


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Guillermo Lorca

In Guillermo’s work, he seeks to express authentic ideas in the pre-Raphaelite sense. It is in this search for psychic space that moves him away from nihilism. The technique and content take care of this ethereal search.

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Fashion model Kikieno has experienced her own loss, which has molded her ability to cope and shifted her way of thinking when she found herself a young widow. She shares her process of opening up and exposing her grief in front of the camera.

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Christina Bothwell

Christina has always been fascinated with the spirit world, and the idea that we are more than our physical bodies. Even though she is not religious, there are certain aspects of spirituality she tries to incorporate into her fused glass and ceramic pieces.

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Matteo Lucca

Matteo’s artistic journey brought him to the earth, to bread, and to the human body. His bread sculptures reflect a gesture of love expressed by one being nourishment for the other and in giving oneself as food for the soul. 

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Stephanie Barron Hall

Stephanie believes in order to take meaningful steps toward growth, people need to have courage to take a deep look at their shadows. A tool she uses and explains is the Enneagram, a framework of personality oriented around nine core motivations with distinct archetypes.

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Augusto Gallo

Augusto’s work is about sensations. What emerges throughout our lives are sensations, moments of anger, happiness, sadness; passing moments that define memories. He tries to let his sculptures speak for themselves, realizing that the power artists have is often underestimated.

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Jimmi Toro

Jimmi compares his romance with the unknown to his process of creation, whether he is composing music, creating a painting or sculpture, producing and directing film, choreographing movement, or writing lyrics. He invites these new ideas in and plays around with them for a while.

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Art Factory

Children spend entire afternoons creating, designing, cutting, pasting, modeling and coloring. Every summer, renowned Italian and international contemporary artists contribute their creativity and talent to a project that involves youth directly.

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Invitation from 

Julie Hirschi


Welcome to our inaugural issue of Always Evolve Magazine! We are looking for artists, musicians, filmmakers, architects, photographers, writers, dancers, and other creative minds to use their skills to inspire humanity to greater levels of compassion, understanding, wonder and curiosity.


As a writer and storyteller, I have found that stories bring people together like nothing else and bridge gaps of misunderstanding and division. In an age where polization and divisiveness have run rampant, stories are more important than ever.


I would love for you to be part of our community. Subscribe today and help us discover and share these amazing stories with the world. And please share with us your story as well. After all, it is our stories that forever change the world.

Our March issue features these creative voices from around the world.

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A portion of your subscription this month goes to Dynamo Art Factory in Tuscany Italy where they provide recreational therapy free of charge to children with serious and chronic illnesses and their families. 

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Shadows as Teachers

Stephanie Barron Hall

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“My vision is to build an international memorial of suffering, healing & overcoming told by the world’s greatest artists, composers, filmmakers, writers, dancers, and other creative geniuses.”

– Jimmi Toro

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